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What We Do

And you can, too!

How to put the FAIR Data Principles into practice? How to apply them to scientific software? We want to learn from each other and teach ourselves the necessary skills. Having started this journey at TIB's "FAIR Data & Software" workshop, we continue it with this study group.

Skill Sharing

Share your coding and data skills and tools with your students, colleagues and friends in a casual, no-pressure environment.


Get together on your research projects, learn from each other and share what you know.

Community Building

Meet new people working and/or learning at TIB, LUH or in Hannover and find out what we can achieve by working together.

FAIR Data Principles: Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable


What to expect?

Please click on the event titles to see more details, like learning objective(s), prerequisites, etc.

Time and location

Wednesdays, 16:00 to 18:00, unless otherwise stated. All our events are held in the Grunwald-Haus: north-west of TIB's TechNat building, ground floor, right besides the entrance. You may knock on the window ;-)

Languages of the events // Sprache der Veranstaltungen

Both English and German speakers are present at our meetings. Event suggestions in both languages are welcome, see below! // Bei uns wird sowohl Englisch, als auch Deutsch gesprochen. Themenvorschläge sind in beiden Sprachen willkommen, siehe unten!

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Come Say Hi

We use GitHub to organise this study group, plan our events, discuss and work on our projects. Join us there!

Who We Are

We're scientists, students and researchers who want to improve, FAIR-ify and publish our work. We are happy to help you do the same!

Katrin Leinweber

TIB, Hannover

  •  Git
  •  R (packaging)
  •  software project management

Robert Birkelbach

DZHW, Hannover; University of Cologne

  •  Sociology/Social Network Analysis
  •  Statistics and Research Methods
  •  R

Kremena Burkhard

LUH, Hannover, Institute of Environmental Planning

  •  spatial data analysis
  •  R
  •  Python/GIS

Jennifer Kreklow

LUH, Hannover, Institute of Physical Geography and Landscape Ecology

  •  spatial data analysis
  •  Python
  •  GIS