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Slot: Wikidata ID

A property to link an entity with its Wikidata identifier.




Mapping Type Mapped Value
self ['IAO:0000235']
native ['confident:wikidata_id']

Applicable Classes

Name Description
Event Series An academic event series describes the set of academic events which take place on a regular basis and thus have an established common identity. This identity is constituted, for example, through institutional continuity in the hosting of a series (e.g. by a specialised society), thematic focuses and/or a common label under which a series is defined (particularly name and acronym). Nevertheless, it is possible that each of these criteria may change over time.
Event An academic event is part of the established instruments of science communication as a format for conveying the latest scientific publications. It is defined by the meeting of researchers at a specific time and place (virtual or physical) and with a specific thematic focus to present, hear and discuss these publications. In contrast to other forms of events, academic events should primarily serve the exchange of results and methods of scientific research and their didactic mediation. Furthermore, a significant participation of scientific organizations in the realization of an academic event is constitutive for this type of event; for example, to distinguish it from events in which researchers mainly act as external experts or with a purely legitimising function.

LinkML Source

name: wikidata_id
description: A property to link an entity with its Wikidata identifier.
title: Wikidata ID
rank: 1000
is_a: external_id
slot_uri: IAO:0000235
multivalued: true
alias: wikidata_id
- EventSeries
- Event
range: WikidataId
required: false
recommended: false
inlined: true
inlined_as_list: true