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Class: Committee Chair

The head of an academic event committee.



Name Range Cardinality Description
Contact Contact Person 0..1 recommended The contact person of an academic event or event series.
Type Contributor Type 0..1 An abstract property that is reused in certain classes to differentiate their instances according to the type enums defined as the range.
ID xsd:anyURI 1..1 A property to provide an internal id of a schema entity in the ConfIDent plattform.
Name xsd:string 0..1 A property to provide a name of a schema entity.
External ID External ID 0..* A property to provide an external id of a schema entity.


Mapping Type Mapped Value
self ['confident:CommitteeChair']
native ['confident:CommitteeChair']

LinkML Source

name: CommitteeChair
description: The head of an academic event committee.
title: Committee Chair
rank: 1000
is_a: CommitteeMember